Hi there! WELCOME to the very first OFFICIAL CR84FN color challenge on the new CR84FN Color Challenge site :) I started my color challenge about 2 months ago and had very modest expectations and included it within my current Cupcake's Creations blog. But, due to the overwhelming response, I decided to host the color challenges on a dedicated site. Thus CR84FN was born!!!
I feel very fortunate to have the support of so many friends, family and loyal followers and I hope that this challenge site will bring both lots of fun for the players as well as spark their creative spirit!

So to kick things off, I would like to introduce to you the CR84FN Design Team, this week's Guest Designer: Gladys Chia who is joining us for the CR84FN9 challenge. I would also like to announce the winner of the CR84FN8 color challenge under the "old system": Betty Wright, who we would love to invite join us for the CR84FN10 challenge.

I am so honored to introduce to the fabulously talented CR84FN Design Team. This group of ladies are ALL so amazingly creative and possess a wide range of styles yet all come together to create for fun!
Our lucky talented papercrafter is Gladys Chia who resides in the beautiful country of Singapore.  Each week, the design team will vote on a Terrific Top 3 and you will receive a badge that you can display, prominently, on your blog! Starting February 1st, 2011, once a month, the design team will choose a lucky designer to join our team as a Guest Designer for one month! Periodically, CR84FN will also offer giveaways to lucky players!

 This week, we would like to offer an opportunity for one lucky randomly chosen person a chance to win the prize shown in the photo below:
(1 pack of flowers, 1 stamp set and 1 punch) In order to be eligible to win this prize, we simply ask you to become a Follower of the CR84FN color challenge and to leave a comment on this post. You have until Friday, January 7th at 11:59pm Eastern US Time. Winner will be announced Sunday, January 9th at 12:01am Eastern US Time on this blog.

Now for some awesome inspiration:



CR84FN is a fun color challenge dedicated to providing creative inspiration for all, no matter your what skill level or style! Each week we will present a fabulous color combination to spark your creative talents! Any type of project (card, layout, 3D project, etc.) is welcomed! Our talented design team will offer inspiring samples to help motivate you. Each week, the design team will vote on a Terrific Top 3 and you will receive a badge that you can display, prominently, on your blog! Starting February 1st, 2011, once a month, the design team will choose a lucky designer to join our team as a Guest Designer for one month! Periodically, CR84FN will also offer giveaways to lucky players! What fun!

So here's how to play:

*Please display the CR84FN graphic with your post, if you have a blog. Seeing the graphic makes it much easier to locate your entry on your blog.

*Please do not combine the CR84FN with any other COLOR challenges.

*Work must be original.

*You are more than welcome to submit as many creations as you like.

Once you have your project photographed and uploaded to your blog or on-line gallery, please link the URL to your entry on this post using Inklinkz. If you use an on-line gallery, please be sure to use CR84FN9 as the keyword and if you have a blog, please display the graphic so I can easily find your entry. I hope you come join along and Create For Fun!

All Entries must be received each Friday at 11:59pm Eastern US Time! Late submissions cannot be considered. New challenges are posted each Sunday at 12:01am Eastern US Time.

I hope you are able to play along :)

Thanks so much!
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  1. Congrats Mona, this looks so beautiful. LOVE the DT, LOVE the gorgeous cards, LOVE the gorgeous colour scheme.

  2. LOVE how this looks. Tell Scott he did an amazing job. I am sure he needs lots of rest do you. Go to sleep! :)

  3. hi mona! congrats on your new blog challenge site!! it's gorgeous, scott did an awesome job!!! wonderful DT and i love all their creations. congrats again :)! *hugs* steph :)

  4. WOW great cards girls....sweet colours for sure. I have subscribed with my Feed Demon so hope that is all good the giveaway items...thanks for this chance to win Mona. Cheers!

  5. I am now a follower...yippee! Love all the cards and the color challenge. I've never participated in a challenge but this is a new year so I may get up enough nerve and try it. LOL Congrats on the new blog! It's really lovely.

  6. Hi Mona - the site looks wonderful - Scott is a genius!! Hope you both had a great New Year's day!
    Deborah x

  7. Hi Mona, I've only recently found your blog which I am very excited about, and now your new challenge blog which is wonderful. All the team are so inspiring and I can't wait to see the projects in 2011. Am now a follower. Happy New Year to you and all the team. Pami x

  8. Congratulations on a fab site Mona, and many congratulations to your design team ladies! What a wonderful start to the year! Beautiful set of sample cards there in the pretty spring palette - I am looking forward to spring so much now! Pauline x

  9. Congratulations on the new blog! I am now a follower. Gorgeous cards everyone! I'm fairly new to paper crafting so I've never entered a challenge but I hope to.

  10. Whoo hoo! Very excited for the kick off of the blog, new DT and for the beautiful colors this week! Looking forward to the entries this week!

  11. Love the look of the blog, gorgeous!! What an amazing team too!! Wonderful cards!

  12. Congrats Mona and the rest of the DT! I am so honoured to be the first guest designer in the new beautiful blog!!! Can't wait for the rest of the year to come!

  13. Awesome!! What a beautiful way to start a new year! I always look forward to a color challenge. This is going to be so very interesting!! Tq for having this, Mona! The cards by the DTs are all great!! :D

  14. WOW ... what fun news to begin the year with, Mona :) Your new challenge blog looks amazing -- oh so pretty in PINK!!! The DT line up is such a talented group of gals ... thanks for the creativity, inspiration and wonderful arena to share our passion for paper crafting in!!!

  15. Congratulations on your new blog Mona! Wishing you all the very best as your challenge grows :)

  16. Love the new blog design!
    Congratulations to your new team- how exciting and fun for all.
    Good Luck wishes to you all

  17. Congrats on taking your Color Challenge to the next level! So happy to be part of your talented team! The blog looks beautiful - full of inspiration!

  18. Yay! This is so exciting! I can't wait to play! Congratulations on your new challenge site! This place looks gorgeous! And what a fabulous design team! :)

  19. Congrsts on the new challenge site & DT! Am now a follower and looking forward to the challenges.

  20. How exciting!! I love this place, what a fabulous idea :) I'm afraid you will be seeing me popping in quite often... :P
    I love the colours this week too, I would still want to tackle them on a vintage card, I hope to have the time!

  21. Your new blog is soooo Beautiful! I think it will be a lot of fun and a great success. I hope to find the time to play along! Congrats and Good Luck!

  22. YAY!! So glad you started a blog just for your challenges! I love color challenges, and hope to play often......this week's colors are some of my faes to use. The design team's examples are heavenly!

  23. Congrats on starting a whole new blog for your challenges! And congrats to your new DT. I can see from your samples why you were selected for the team. :) Looking forward to joining in whenever I can.

  24. Wow...the cards are amazing. I am a new follower and cannot wait to see all the inspsiration coming my way. Thanks for sharing & Happy New Year.

  25. Congratulations! I can't wait to get started on your latest color challenge and looking forward to playing often! (Yippee for tech support too!)

  26. Excellent !!! great news that now the color challenge has it's own blog :D Wishing you all the best of lucks !!! great color combo can´t wait to get started

  27. Fantastic challenge site Mona! So looking forward to joining in. The DT samples are Fabulous!

  28. Best wishes as you embark on this new challenge Mona. I think it's a slam dunk with you running things!

  29. Congrats and big hugs to you, Mona! Thanks for letting me join you on this new crafting journey! The site is absolutely gorgeous! Scott has done an incredible job with it and has more than earned a day off to just watch football!!

  30. Big huge congratulations, Mona!!! I love the look of your challenge site! I think this is going to be an amazing success!!! Love all the samples her! Your DT rocks!

  31. Mona, your new site is so incredible just like all your paper creations! Your DH has done an awesome job! Does he do this professionally? I know this challenge will be a huge hit! You have such a great following and with a big name like yours it should be fabulous! Good luck!!

  32. Mona, big congratulations!! This is such a gorgeous blog layout! I love it! Also, I think you have an amazing design team! What fabulous samples they have! Pure inspiration! Thanks!

  33. You did it! So proud of you! Best wishes on wherever this takes you Mona : )

  34. Congrats Mona! Love your color combos, now to play! LOL!!! Great team you've pulled together! Looking forward to seeing some lucious designs in 2011! :-)

  35. I was looking for a colour challenge so this is ideal. Have signed myself up as a Follower too. I like the variety of your Design Team too. Congratulations.
    Paula (PEP)

  36. Big Congrats Mona on your color challenge blog. Can't wait to play with you and your talented DT. I am following now. :) And thanks for the sweet comment that you left on my blog.

  37. Mona, I'm so happy to see you've started your own color challenge blog and separated it from your creative blog! This is going to be huge!!! Also, I love the look and layout of your site! Spectacular! I'm following verrrrry closely!!!!

  38. I just found this challenge blog through Chupa's blog (I'm a follower of hers as well) and what a gorgeous set of DT cards you've all made. I'm going to attempt this colour challenge (my first one for CR84FN) but I doubt I'll be able to produce anything half as beautiful as what you girls have done! Good luck with your new challenge blog too.

  39. OMG, Mona, your challenge blog is GORGEOUS!!!! I love this design! Your Scott did such a professional and artist job with it! All your DT's samples are incredibly creative! Great choices all around! Congratulations girls!!

  40. I'm so glad I found you last month (through WMS designer gallery)! Your blog is So inspiring - you and your designteam are outstanding!!! Thanks for all the inspiration you are sharing so generously!!!! Have a happy new year and thanks for the chance to win! / Karin

  41. Mona this blog is phenomenal!!! Great job your DH did! I'm so happy to see your color challenge become such a success! You really deserve it! You are a constant source of inspiration for me and now your entire talented DT is too! Thank you guys so much!!!!!!! Happy New Year!

  42. What an awesome design team, they are already "wowing" us with their creations! The blog design looks awesome too, Scott made it beautiful for you! Wishing you all the best in 2011! ~Diane

  43. Hello ladies and congratulations on such a great Challenge site - I am adding you to my Blog list and will definitely be BACK! What a talented Design Team - your smaples are divine and so inspiring - this is juts what I am looking for!! Thanks for bringing so Beauty into one place - makes us all winners! God bless you!! {{{hugs}}}

  44. I just love your new challenge blog, Mona!! And this week's CR84FN colors are beautiful. Can't wait to play along! Thanks so much for the chance to win that awesome prize. :)

  45. Oh, great colors! This is perfect for a birthday card for my mom! Can't wait to play...

  46. Mona, your new challenge blog looks great! It's great that you decided to "go for it"! I know this will be a huge success!

  47. Congratulations, you picked a wonderful team to work with! Love your challenges and look forward to playing along!

  48. Congratulations, Mona on the new blog! Oh and I love all the Design Team ladies. They have amazing creations! All the best!

  49. Congrats to everyone!! What a fabulous challenge site and a tremendously talented team!! So excited to see my 2 blog buddies-Andrea and Sue- on it! How Exciting!!!!!! Yay! Can't wait to play :)

  50. Love the new blog! Great color combo this week too! Congrats to you and your team!

  51. Biggest congratulations possible, Mona! Your challenge blog is magnificent!!!!

  52. YAY Mona!!! I am so excited for you to take this next crafting step!!! Thanks so much for inviting me along with you and the rest of the DT. It is truly an honor! :)

  53. I have found this colour challenge through Suzannes blog. Will definately try to play along.Have become a follower!

  54. Congrats on starting your new challenge blog Mona! I love what I see here! Your DT is amazing! Can't wait to play!

  55. What a beautiful blog, Mona! Your DH did a great job! I think you chose a wonderful group for your DT! Everyone's samples are stellar!!! Happy New Year to everyone!

  56. Love your beautiful looking challenge blog Mona and am looking forward to joining in!
    You're kicking off with a great colour scheme and your girls have set the bar high.......much talent here!!!

  57. Mona, big hugs for starting this gorgeous color challenge! You really did a great job and your DH, Scott should get a huge hug as well! I love the layout so much! The colors for this week are wonderful and very Spring-like! Your DT girls did such a nice job with their samples! All are so inspiring! This is really gonna take off!!!!!

  58. What a lovely blog Mona! Congratulations on launching a wonderful addition to the papercrafting blog world! I can't wait to give it a try!!!

  59. Followed one of your new designers here, so happy to have found you. Very impressed with the design work.

  60. So excited to have found you! Can't wait to join in your challenges. The DT look fabulous. The site looks fabulous. Looking forward to lots of fun!

  61. I love the look of this blog! So feminine but not too much! Your DH did an amazing job and I hope you let him watch football all day long! Your color choices for this week are so heartwarming especially in the dead of winter! Makes me know Spring will come! Thanks for the inspiration as usual Mona! You absolutely rock!!!!

  62. Amazingly gorgeous and spectacular new blog, Mona! You must give your DH a big fat kiss from me! He did such a great job! This is gonna be ginormous, Mona, ginormous, I tell you!!! Great talented leader and fabulous design team; what could go wrong? Wow!

  63. Mona, I can't wait to play! Your new blog looks like a big hit! Looks like you chose a great group of gals for your DT too!

  64. How exicted--the color challenge has it's own site and a rockin' design team! I've become a follower, and thanks so much for the chance to win goodies! Love the spring time color challenge.....time to get creating!

  65. Gorgeous new blog Mona! I love everything! I think you have a fabulous design team! All of their samples are jaw dropping! Wow!

  66. This is fantastic! Great team. I am a follower now and looking forward to create great proyects. Thanks for the chance to win such cool prize.

  67. Congratulations to you and your DT for launching an awesome new color challenge site! Your examples are all fabulous!

  68. Mona, congratulations to you and your DT! Amazing looking blog and terrific colors for this first challenge! I will try to see what I can come up with this week!

  69. Just popping in to say congrats again! :) Hugs and best wishes for your new venture!

  70. Congratulations on the new blog! Can't wait to start playing along with the color challenges!

  71. These colors are so beautiful and the work from the DT is amazing! Congrats on the new blog and all the best to you! I hope to be able to play!

  72. Congratulations on your new challenge blog!! How fun to find this new challenge! It looks great! I became a follower of your blog and added you to my Google Reader.

  73. Oh, wow! Now I get it! Way cool and so fabulous this amazing blog design! And, what a wonderful team of talent you have put together, too! I am absolutely thrilled to be chosen from the other system to sample next rotation! Totally happy dancing with that one! Congrats on the expansion! Wonderfully done, Mona! The dt cards are wonderful Great colors!

  74. Love the new challenge! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win :)

  75. How fun! I just tried my first color challenge. This will be my second! Looking forward to your challenges!

  76. I just found your blog and can't wait to join in on the challenges. I have posted a link on my blog about your challenge.

    The DT did some AMAZING work!

    Happy New Year!

  77. Sweet looking blog, I like the idea of fitting more colour challenges in this month, so will be back to play, YIPPEE!

  78. You always have inspired me... and now looks like all the more! :) anything by you is beautiful, Mona, and so is this wonderful new blog. I will be a faithful follower, and so hope I will get to jump into the challenge often... many thanks, and hugs...


  79. Congratulations Mona and all the ladies of this amazing design team. There is A LOT OF TALENT IN THIS DT!!!!!
    Mona, Scott did an amazing job designing this blog; it's gorgeous.
    And yes; I play along :)!!!

  80. This blog is so beautiful! Your DH should be commended! Your challenge looks like a lot of fun! I will have to play! Great samples from your DT; they all are very talented!

  81. Love the colors! Hope my kids will let me have some time to play along with your challenges!

  82. The site looks fabulous! Hope to play along in the near future! Thanks for the chance to win such a fabulous giveaway!! ♥♥♥

  83. Wow, what a talented group of ladies, and what gorgeous inspiration. I hope to be able to play this week.

  84. This looks fantastic. I am now a follower, and I´m looking forward to your challenges.

  85. Congratulations Mona on the new Challenge blog...What a wonderful DT you have chosen... Scott did a wonderful job on the blog design :)Hugs Monique

  86. Congrats on your color challenge success Mona!! I can't wait to play along!!! Happy New Year!!!

  87. HOOOORAY! I tried to leave a comment last night--but couldn't. HOOOOORAY on a beautiful page and wonderful new challenge blog:) Can't wait to play again!

  88. CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW BLOG AND DESIGN TEAM! You all rock and I'm so happy to join you all on your journey! All of the cards are gorgeous..can't wait till next week :)!!! Hugs ~SW~

  89. Amazing looking blog! Great design team! You are already a success!!!

  90. I've just found your blog and it looks great!
    I'm off to try to make a card for this challenge... what lovely colours you chose!

  91. Great colors for this week! I really want spring to get here soon! Too much snow everywhere!!!!! Mona, this blog is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Your DH did such an amazingly professional job just like he did for your own blog!!! And you have chosen a fantastic DT! Everyone's samples are divine! Great beginnings!!!

  92. Congrats on your new challenge blog, you always have the prettiest color palette, hope I could join in as many as possible! : )

  93. Just found your blog, thanks to Chrissie, and it is really cool, well done


  94. Amazingly fresh and beautiful blog! Mona! You ladies rock! Can't wait to play (next week?)! Thanks!

  95. Congrats on launching this amazing color challenge site! All the DT gals did a fab job with their samples! I am so inspired now! Thanks!

  96. Yay Mona! SO awesome! COngrats to all the DT...such talented ladies!

  97. Firstly congratulations on your new color challenge site it looks beautiful.
    This is the first time I have entered a color challenge and I have to say it has given me so much inspiration so a big thankyou to all of you. xx

  98. Congratulations on your new challenge blog.I love your choice of colour combo's and can't wait to have a go.Great inspiration from the design team too.

  99. What a beautiful blog made even more beautiful by the design team's gorgeous sample! Mona this challenge site is going to be huge!

  100. This all looks great! Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

  101. Gorgeous looking Blog Mona! And your DT did a marvelous job with the samples! This will be a major hit in a few weeks!!! Great start!

  102. Very pleased I lucked into this blog - so many lovely DT samples to look at and beautiful colours to play with! Thanks for the opportunity to play along.

  103. Wow, this looks like a great challenge site. The DT inspirations are beautiful and your prize is awesome. Thanks for the opportunity! I have become a follower. Hugs, antonella :-)

  104. Beautiful creations from the DT...such variety! Thanks for the inspiration even if I went off the rails a bit!

  105. I love colour challenges and found this site thanks to Suzz. I have become a follower and joined in this week. Great blog, Love It.

  106. Wow! What gorgeous DT samples! Congratulations on this new venture for you! I know it will be a HUGE hit!!

    Gorgeous candy too! Thanks for a chance!

  107. Amazing colors and gorgeous blog, Mona! I smell a bit hit here!

  108. I've been sleeping under a rock - and look what amazing things happen! congrats to your color challenge blog - love the look. and your DT looks fab. can't wait to see their weekly inspirations!

  109. What a beautiful blog! I think this is gonna be huge! Great job, Mona!

  110. I am so glad to have found this blog through Amy's. I am always in need for color inspiration and you have some beautiful ones here. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  111. Your new blog is absolutely gorgeous...congrats to your fabbie new design team...thanks for all the wonderful inspiration ladies!!!

  112. i am now a follower, and am very excited. What a beautiful blog...i just cant wait for more...tks 4 the giveaway...

  113. Congrats Mona, Your new blog is so pretty..your honey did a great job :) Looking forward to playing.

  114. How exciting, a new challenge blog and a color challenge at that. I'm in all the way. Lovely blog too. Happy Stamping to all :)

  115. How cool, Mona - love your new blog, and the prospect of another place to play!! Happy New Year!

  116. OMG!! I just found your blog and so glad as I would love to start playing with the top 3 color challenges!! cant wait til tomorrow when u post new ones!!
    now a follower!

  117. beautiful projects ladies, congrats.