Word Verification

Hi there CR84FN friends! If any of you leave comments for fellow bloggers, you are probably are already aware of what I am going to share but if don't and do enjoy receiving comments for playing along with CR84FN please read on for more info.

I know that I'm not alone in the frustration in the new {double} word verification that seems to have hit blogger:
We are not a robots! We would just like to leave you some love!

We LVE visiting your blogs and seeing what you have made for CR84FN BUT have strong opinions on word verification vs. comment moderation.

So here's the deal...
  • Do you know that you have word verification ON?
  • Why not switch to Comment Moderation
  • Check HERE on how to Turn OFF word verification.  {{big shout out to the FAB ladies of Freshly Made Sketches and Amy Tsuruta for sharing their posts about word verification!!!}}
 Not a fan of the new double word verification?  Squak about it...maybe with paper crafters uniting on this, Blogger will do something about it...

18 Responses
  1. Even if you go totally without moderation of any kind (as I have done for 3 years without issue) then it's super quick and easy to delete any comment you don't like!

  2. Thanks for posting about this, Mona! I LOVE leaving comments for players but this new word verification is KILLING me - especially if it is late at night! I just hope players disable it or I may have to skip over their blogs and I would HATE to do that!

  3. Oh go shout it from the rooftops Mona!! This "seeing double" is a real strain on the ~not so young anymore~ eyes!!

  4. YES! Nothing is more frustrating than to have to deal with these capcha things. What really gets me is when people not only have the word verification on, but they approve them as well. Really?

  5. Good to see someone getting the word out about this Mona! I have to admit, I didn't even know I HAD word verification until someone showed me how to check. Needless to say its now turned off!!!

  6. Thank you Mona - this has been driving me crazy!!! I don't have any verification and don't have any problems.

  7. Yeah kudos and cheers to you, Mona. Love leaving comments but it is now taking too much time and there are other blogs to visit who don't have word verification. I turned it off about 8 months ago...no problems!

  8. I hate it, took me 5 goes to try and read those words on one blog and I nearly gave up, now I just avoid leaving comments on those blogs that have it

  9. Thank-you, Mona! I don't have WV and I don't moderate, and I have only ever had about two spam comments (which I deleted). The new WV has driven me crazy, and I squawked at Blogger several days ago, along with hundreds of others. Hopefully they listen quickly, and hopefully everyone turns WV off in the meantime.

  10. GOSH so so true. I hate it. If you dont mind too much I might borrow your wording from this post and post about it on my blog too. Its o frustrating and time consuming. Thanks for pointing it out.

  11. i have mine turnedcoff. you can always delete any comments you feel are rude . it's annoying to have to go through all that just to say you like something

  12. Yeah and thank you Mona, I've been so frustrated trying to figure out all that double nonsense. Hopefully I have my comment section set up properly. I think I do but if anyone visits and has a problem, please let me know and I will check into it asap. Thanks again Mona, big hugs!!! Carole

  13. I heartily agree and I've had mine turned off when I started entering challenges. And I totally HATE the new format. I can't always read one or part of one of the words. But one thing that really frustrates me, is that the Challenges ask you to turn yours off, but don't give you the same courtesy. My time is just as important as anyone else. I always leave a comment, at least at the blog challenge, but this makes me want to stop even doing that. Hugs, dj1952 (Debra)

  14. I think this is bloggers way of getting rid of word verification altogether ;) I have found that the new version of blogger does not allow you to remove word verification - you have to switch to the old version of blogger then make the change as shown, and then switch back to the new version. HTH :)

  15. Good Idea. I wasnt sure so checked mine, it is set for comment moderation. I don't mind single word verification. But I have skipped commenting sometimes because the word verification made it a teeny bit difficult.


  16. I'm with you. Even though I'm on the older side... have 20/20 vision with glasses and still have a hard time with the blurry one!!